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      China Home/Office Desktop Cell Phone Stand Holder manufacturer

      Home/Office Desktop Cell Phone Stand Holder & Mobile Phone Display Stand

      About Us
      Welcome to COMER Security Systems, one of the Chinese leading suppliers of exhibition equipment products. With many years experience of supplying an extensive range of exhibition stands and display equipment, we have ...
      Factory Tour
      Quality Control
      QC/Technical Support QA/QC Introduction A strict Quality Control and Quality Assurance program covering all activities in production. Our QCC team works constantly to ensure and improve quality by identifying and ...
      Contact Us
      Address : No.4, Lane 2, Tangkeng Xincun, Zanhualing, Shenghe, Nancheng District, Dongguan - 523000, Guangdong, China
      Business Phone :
      0086-186-88682159(Working time)
      Fax : 0086-0769-89918148
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